Data-Driven Business Development

Gepostet von am Mai 15, 2017

Based upon a BigDataBigBusiness research project by Copenhagen Business School and EIBE MGMT, which is funded with €1mio by The Danish Industry Foundation, the foundation for success with (big) data-driven growth opportunities can be verified. 


Ready? Do you have the the foundation for success with (big) data-driven growth opportunities? Hint: it is not the tech and analyses that is your primary challenge.

Diagnosis: Based on research with CBS, we identified 5 types of opportunities, 4 barriers, and 3 dimensions (Basics, Organization, Application) with 9 competencies (Data, Analysis, Permission, Strategy, Business Development, Autonomy, Optimization, Cross-sales, and Upcycling).

Next steps: Assessing, identifying and managing your data-driven competencies.

Learn more at Techquartier Frankfurt, 21.06.2017
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